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For almost 20 years, Quality Education Services (QES) delivers organizations and individuals with world-class education and consulting in quality and quality related fields. QES is now a division of Makor Management LLC providing quality training and consulting. Makor offers the same certification preparation and training programs that thousands of individuals have benefited from since 1989.

What's New

Revitalization brings new opportunities and resources to the services that QES has been offering since 1989. Not only do we have the education division (QES), we have the Audit Division and Consulting Services Division. Wihtin these division we offer our consulting programs for quality management system development, implementation and support; development and implementation of measurement programs; first and second party audit programs; and development of training programs. We can customize virtually any program to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Audit Services - We have a growing network of experienced auditors that can be utilized within your organization to manage your internal audit function. This is big money saver for companies of all sizes. Instead of paying someone full time or over taxing other personnel with new duties, you have someone who performs a function only when it is needed.

  • Management System Consulting - Our highly qualified professionals can assist your organization from development through implementation. Our program includes: design, development, and implementation of the management system; training of personnel; design and development, as well as management of system documentation, forms and records.

  • Outsoure your Quality Manager or ISO Management Representative - Many organizations have personnel wearing multiple hats but often times their qualifications and/or experience don't fulfill the organization's needs. By outsourcing this role, current personnel can develop competencies or maintain current focus. Our highly qualified professionals work only when you need them so is all you pay is for their time.

  • Customized Training - Developing and monitoring effective training programs can consume more resources that you have available. Makor evaluates the type of training your personnel needs based on the qualification or competency requirements of your company. Based on the results of the evaluation we will create a tailored training program that includes materials for trainees and instructors. We even provide you the tools necessary to evaluate the training to ensure its continued effectiveness.


Scheduled Training